New York

Turner was founded in New York in 1902 and our first project was a reinforced concrete cooper shop for the manufacturer J.B King & Company. Two years later, Turner built 50 concrete staircases for the New York City subway system. The following year, Turner completed the 180,000 square foot Robert Gair Building, which was the largest reinforced concrete building in the United States at that time. Over the next 100 years, Turner contributed to the construction of many landmark projects in New York City, including the United Nations Secretariat, Madison Square Garden, Lincoln Center and Yankee Stadium.

We are committed to sustainability with a staff that includes more than 300 LEED Accredited Professionals; and we are proud of our LEED and green projects which include two Platinum and nine Gold certified buildings.

We invested in the development and use of Virtual Design and Construction tools and have applied Building Information Modeling
?on approximately $7.4 billion dollars worth of work.

New York

375 Hudson Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10014

Phone: (212) 229-6000


  • Charles Murphy

    Senior Vice President
    (212) 229-6275

  • Christopher Zegler

    Vice President, General Manager (Core & Shell)
    (212) 229-6193

  • Charlie Whitney

    Vice President, General Manager (Core & Shell)
    (212) 229-6063

  • Bert J. Rahm

    Vice President, General Manager (Core & Shell)
    (212) 229-6043

  • Lisa Hickerson

    Manager, Business Development (Core & Shell)
    (212) 229-6434

  • Daniel Fine

    Vice President, General Manager (Interiors)

  • Sara N. Kendall

    Vice President, General Manager (Interiors)
    (212) 229-6123

  • Nelly Vasquez

    Manager, Business Development (Interiors)
    (212) 229-6336

  • Stephanie Burns

    Vice President, Community & Citizenship
    (212) 229-6480

  • Gorguin Shaikoli

    Regional, Marketing Manager
    (212) 229-6223

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